James Iuel-Brockdorff,  unikbolig.dk

James Iuel-Brockdorff, unikbolig.dk

In this series of interviews Copenhageners from different walks of life reveal their favourite places in Copenhagen and their views on the city. 

James Iuel-Brockdorff, real estate agent

James Iuel-Brockdorff is owner of the innovative property company Unikbolig, which specialises in sale and rental of unique luxury properties in Copenhagen city and the upscale area north of the city. The company is one of the leaders in its field.

James is also a keen hunter, rider and participant in the famous traditional autumn event, the Hubertus Hunt in Dyrehaven the first Sunday in November.


What do you like most about Copenhagen?

The spirit, special ambiance and pulse of the city.

What do you most dislike about Copenhagen?

What’s not to like? Except for the traffic perhaps.

If you had friends from abroad visiting you for a day where would you take them sight-seeing? 

I would definitely take them around Amalienborg, the Opera, a cosy walk through the beautiful streets around Strøget and end up in Nyhavn – the heart of Copenhagen that showcases the city’s incredible beauty. It says a lot about Copenhagen.

Where would you take your friends shopping?

The streets around Grønnegade and Ny Østergade have great shops and a lovely ambiance.

What’s your favourite restaurant? 

Victor and Noma – great atmosphere and fabulous food. 

What's your idea of great entertainment?  

A cosy night at Victor.

What’s your favourite bar? 


What do you think is a ‘must taste’ while in Copenhagen? 

A visit to patisserie La Glace and a delicious dinner at Noma.